• Steven Li

  • Hi, my name is Steven Li and I'm a traveller, photographer and entrepreneur.  I'm on a mission to become a full time travel photographer.  I want to travel the world, photograph it, use the images to inspire you to travel and help you travel the world.  I want to inspire and help you travel to your dream destinations and get you started on living your free life.
  • My life started with a conventional storyline of going to school, graduating from university with an engineering degree, got a job, car and house.  Then year 5 into my job I started to get the travel bug. I ended up quitting my job in year 7 to go backpacking from Panama to Mexico for 3 months with a side trip to Burning Man.  After that my life was never the same.  I started to get more into photography and decided to become an entrepreneur and do photography full time.  Now I'm my own boss, I do photography fulltime along with two other side businesses. I am now on a mission to do travel photography fulltime.  Hope you'll join me here on my journey as I go chase after my free life.
  • If you would like to contact me you can email me at stevenliphoto@gmail.com.